7 Surprising Benefits of Walking Daily

Who knew walking a little each day could do so much?

Infographic: 7 Surprising Benefits of Walking Daily

Whether you take 2,000 steps a day or 10,000 steps, walking is one of the best ways to stay in shape and boost your mood.

Your mood will improve

Research has shown that daily walking helps your body release endorphins and can increase your cognitive function.1

You’ll burn calories and lose weight

Walking daily can help burn calories and shed extra pounds.1 Taking a 10-minute stroll is an easy way to add some exercise without the need for a gym pass or fancy equipment.

You’ll have time to socialize

Take a lap or two around the block with a good buddy or a new friend, and catch up on life together.1

Your digestion may improve

Walking uses your core and abdominal muscles, which stimulates the GI system.1

You’ll get out of the house

Head out on a walk if you’re feeling cooped up or just need a change of scenery.

You’ll trigger creativity

A study found walking can increase creativity by 60%.2 Imagine what you can solve and accomplish with so much added creativity.

You’ll have better posture

Daily walking can help improve your posture, preventing that familiar slouched position.2

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