7 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water

Infographic: 7 reasons to drink coconut water


It’s good for physical recovery

Coconut water is a good post-workout drink because it has electrolytes1 and sodium,2 which your body loses through perspiration during exercise.

It has less sugar than soda

Coconut water may satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s a healthier alternative to soda and has less sugar and calories.3

It keeps you hydrated

Along with drinking enough water, coconut water keeps you hydrated and gives your body lots of nutrients.4

It’s a good source of potassium

Many of us don’t get enough potassium, so grab a glass of coconut water and reap the benefits.3

It supports healthy digestion

Coconut water contains fiber and magnesium, important elements of healthy digestion.4

It gives you healthy skin

Coconut water contains vitamin C, which supports collagen production, an essential part of your skincare routine.4

It helps you recover after sickness

If you have an upset stomach or diarrhea, coconut water can help you rehydrate while providing the nutrients you need to feel better.1

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