Healthy Living®

A healthy workforce can help boost productivity, promote job satisfaction, and create a more healthy community. Workplace wellness programs are most successful when employers and employees are fully engaged. We encourage you to partner with us and include our Healthy Living product in your workplace wellness program.

‭A Multifaceted Wellness Program

Healthy Living combines employer wellness consultations, digital tools, and workplace ‭health education events to engage your employees in adopting behaviors that support ‭their well-being.

Employer Wellness Consultation

Online Integrated Wellness Tools

  • Health Assessment
  • ‭Health Coaching
  • ‭Activity Campaigns
  • Reward Tracking & Fulfillment
  • Health & Wellness Education Library

Workplace Health Education and Screening Events

  • ‭Personalized consultation
  • ‭Biometric screening
  • ‭Evidence-based educational materials
  • Wellness presentations

‭‭Customer Service and Support

  • Health and Wellness Collateral
  • ‭Member Services 800-442-5260