5 Tips to Optimize Health

Need inspiration to improve your health? We’ve got you covered!

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Wake up. Go to work. Eat. Work more. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat!

Sound familiar?

Anyone who pushes hard all day long without stopping for a break knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean it’s unachievable! In fact, reaching your optimal health goals is actually easier than you’d imagine.

Here are five health tips to help keep your body up to speed.

Exercise when and where you can

If you’re one of the champions who gets out of bed early to spend an hour at the gym before work, give yourself a pat on the back! If you want to start exercising but can’t find the time, there are plenty of options for you too.

Think of the environments you’re in most of the day—your office, your house, or your neighborhood. Now turn those spaces into your own personal gym. Use common household or office furniture to stay active when you have five or ten minutes to spare.

Another easy way to get some cardio exercise is using the stairs. Or you can jog a lap or two around the block after work to help wind down for the day. Get your heart pumping whenever and wherever you can.

Be mindful

It’s easy to get swept up in the bustle of the day, but it’s important to check in with your mental health.

Practicing meditation or mindfulness—even taking a few moments to breathe deeply while closing your eyes—can significantly improve your mental health. It’s especially easy to keep up on if you have a smartphone. You can download a mediation app or set a daily reminder to breathe and just be still.

Take time each day to consciously appreciate each moment, each keystroke, each “hello,” and each breath. Mindfulness will help you focus on you and improve your overall health.

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Visit your doctor regularly

An apple a day may help keep the doctor away, but it’s not the magical secret to prolonged health. The formula to optimal health involves several factors, including regular visits with your primary care physician.

Regular preventive care can help your provider identify illnesses and conditions sooner. With tools like telehealth calls or patient portals can increase your ability to access care even with a busy schedule.

It's important to use these visits to stay up-to-date on vaccinations and wellness exams as well as voice concerns and ask questions. No question is too embarrassing or unimportant, so don't hesitate to be open and honest in your communication with your provider.

Improve your diet

“Diet” is more than just a word found on cans of sugar-free soda. The food you eat is important! It can affect your mood, stamina, growth, and mental health.

Limit the junk food in your pantry and fridge and find new recipes and ingredients that foster a healthier lifestyle. There are several resources that can help you create healthier diets if you need some inspiration.

Cut bad habits

Have you ever considered the impact of poor habits on your health?

Smoking, excessive screen time, excessive consumption of fast food, skipping meals, and limited exercise or body movement can all have a negative impact on your health.

If any of those habits sound familiar, consider tackling one to improve your health. Find small ways to scale back. No effort is too small and can lead to big results.

Living a healthier life isn't impossible. Determine something you can change to improve your health today.


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