Helping Your Family Navigate Change

It doesn't have to be a new year to commit to goals and an improved outlook. Changes to your routine can provide opportunities for growth so try to look at the new school year as a fresh start.

Mom helping her son get ready for school, helping your family navigate change

You may be feeling anxious as you prepare for the return to school and a new way of learning. Your kids may be nervous too. Follow these tips to help make the transition simpler.

Help your child get used to wearing a mask

With many public schools requiring students to wear masks for the whole day, it’s a good idea to start helping your kids get used to wearing a mask for long periods of time. You can start by easing them into wearing one while socializing or when running errands.

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Openly communicate about feelings

Life transitions and change can increase stress and anxiety levels, especially in kids. As they return to school, they might feel a whole range of overwhelming emotions. Make sure to regularly check in with your kids so that you can validate their feelings and talk openly about their concerns. Remind them that they are safe to share their thoughts with you.

Remind your child about social distancing

As much as your kids want to greet their friends with hugs on the first day of school, remind them to practice social distancing as much as they can during those hours of learning. And don’t let them forget the hand sanitizer!

Practice deep breathing exercises

You can help your kids recognize when their anxiety is heightened and teach them skills to help self-manage those feelings. Show them how to sit in a comfortable position, close their eyes, then place their hand on their stomach. Then have them slowly inhale through their nose, focusing their breath in their belly so their belly rises as they inhale and flattens when they exhale. Only a few minutes of deep belly breathing can work wonders on anxiety levels.

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Don’t forget to keep busy

Remind your kids (and yourself) to practice gratitude, to have fun, and to do good things for others, even with social distancing. There are so many creative ways to connect, keeping busy with new hobbies and spending meaningful time together can help ease tensions.


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