8 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained When Stuck Indoors

Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be hard work. With these fun ideas, your kids will stay healthy, active, and entertained all day.

Little girl coloring sitting on the floor, how to keep kids entertained while stuck indoors

Is there anything more agonizing than trying to entertain restless kids while they’re bored at home? Whether your kids are on break from school, they’re avoiding spreading illnesses, or they’re following social distancing regulations, it’s hard to keep your kiddos active, healthy, and entertained while at home!

To spare you further turmoil over finding unique ways to keep your kids from losing their minds while they’re stuck indoors, here are eight ideas that will ensure you never hear the dreaded phase, “I’m borrrrrred!” At least for the next while!

Plan a theme for each day

Remember how fun it was to dress up for school? Bring out the old Halloween costumes and dress up together! Kick off the week with a superhero day, followed by an 80s day, a pajama day, a backward day, or a colored day! Remember: Your kids will be much more excited about the activities if they help brainstorm or plan. Let their imaginations run wild!

Get some fresh air

Fresh air is good for both your mental and physical health. Your kids can avoid cabin fever by getting their hearts pumping with some simple backyard relay races. Or consider having a nature scavenger hunt or flying kites—even walking or jogging around the house or throwing a frisbee are good ways to get exercise if you’re isolated from others.

Order the chef’s favorite

Within each child is a talented chef waiting to be discovered! Let them help prepare their favorite meals and put their own dash of flavor into it. Your little sous-chefs will love whipping up fun meals and healthy snacks like salads in a jar, homemade cereal bars, French bread pizzas, and peanut butter and banana quesadillas. The possibilities are truly endless (and delicious)!

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Make chores fun

Is it even possible? Can chores really be fun? With the right plan in place, your kids won’t fuss when you ask them to do the dishes.

Consider making a chore chart with a reward in a baggie hung below the chore’s title. Cleaning the bathroom may be rewarded with $2, while mopping the kitchen may offer them a ticket to have an ice cream party. There are many ways to get your kids excited about helping out around the house, rather than becoming best friends with the couch.

Build connections

With extra idle time on their hands, kids may find it easy to turn inward and not connect with others. But it’s important to nourish your children’s social needs as they spend more time indoors. As a family, you can video chat with a relative, break out the art supplies to create a masterpiece with everyone’s personal contribution, or handwrite letters to family and friends. It’s never a bad idea to find a new pen pal.

Become a star

Challenge your kiddos’ creativity and pizzazz by planning a night of household entertainment. Host your own Minute to Win It competition, talent show, singing or musical performance, or stage a play based on your own script. You can even follow-up with your own award ceremony the following night.

Quiz their knowledge

How much do your children really know about who they are or where they came from? Take some time to teach your kids about your family’s history, play a matching game with your family’s baby photos, or even create “About Me” posters. You might be surprised what you learn about your kids and vice versa!

Refuel throughout the day

Staying hydrated, active, and alert can help break the day up. Find a fun alarm on your phone or find a bell you can ring throughout the day to tell your kids it’s time to get up. Whenever the alarm goes off, challenge your kids to drink one glass of water, do 10 jumping jacks (or a quick exercise), and share one fun fact. You can even set a different alarm for each member of your family to shake things up.

Though it can be difficult to keep everyone engaged, entertained, and enthusiastic while at home, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into your children’s creativity. Find what gets their mind and bodies up and moving until they can socialize freely again.

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