The Road to Wellness is Rewarding: Select Health Is Here to Help

Being a Select Health members comes with more benefits than you might expect.

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When most of us think of health insurance, we think of medical bills and pre-authorizations, or our prescription drug benefits. But your health insurance company can offer you many more benefits than just covering your medical expenses.

At Select Health, we care deeply about our members, that's why we offer a program which rewards you for actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Members who are actively working toward fitness goals (however big or small), or have an active gym membership, can qualify for fantastic rewards!

What are the rewards?

Our wellness program focuses on the most beneficial preventative care you can do to safeguard your health - exercise! As a member, you can earn up to $240 per person or up to $580 per family through recording your efforts stay active. This includes dancing, swimming, going to the gym, or playing sports—anything that gets you and your family moving!

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How do I qualify?

Select Health covers members in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. To qualify for the rewards program, you simply have to be a member of Select Health, be 18 years or older, and fill out a terms and conditions form online in your Select Health account. If you don’t have an account active yet, you can set one up at with your insurance ID number and other information. Or, if you are considering using Select Health as your primary insurance, you can check out our individual plans. If you have any questions, you can also reach out to your HR representative or member services at 800-538-5038

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What are the different programs?

There are two categories of Select Health’s wellness program:

       1. Select Health Gym Membership Rewards

This category focuses on activity done through a gym membership.

  • To get involved, make sure you have a account. Then select “Membership Rewards” on your dashboard.

  • Next, you can either join any gym of your choosing, or you can see the discounted gym prices that Select Health offers. If you already have a gym membership, you can just enter your gym’s information and submit it.

  • Then you can select “Gym Physical Activity” on your Activity page and each month, you can enter your monthly gym activity. (Don’t forget to do this each month!)

  • You’ll see your reward points adding up throughout the year as you add in your activity every month. To redeem those reward points, you can select, “Select Membership Rewards” and choose “Submit Gym Information and Redeem Rewards.” Then you are given the option to redeem for cash or other rewards that are equal in value.

       2. Select Health Physical Activity Rewards

This reward plan focuses on recording any sort of physical activity. The steps to signing up and recording physical activity are similar to the gym membership reward plan with just a few changes!

  • First off, make sure you have your account up and running.
  • On the dashboard, you will once again scroll down to “Membership Rewards”
  • This is where you can sign up to “Track Steps” and this will create a Virgin Pulse account.
  • On the Virgin Pulse website, choose “7000 Steps for 20 Days” and you can use your phone or a fitness tracker like a smart watch to enter your daily steps in the Virgin Pulse “Stats” tool.
  • Note that you don’t have to simply walk to gain steps! You can dance, swim, bike, or hula-hoop and convert any exercise into steps through Virgin Pulse’s “Add a Workout” feature.
  • You will have to complete at least some sort of exercise that equates to 7000 steps at least 20 times per month, and once again, don’t forget to record your progress before the end of each month!
  • You can redeem your points the same way as stated above on the Rewards homepage.

Get involved

Select Health wants to ensure all members are living their best life in the healthiest way possible, and what better motivator is there to exercise than knowing you can reap real rewards through your efforts?

For more information to get you started on this journey, visit Select

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