5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Office

Increase your productivity, focus, and well-being by organizing your workspace for success.

Woman sitting at her desk in her office, what are the benefits of organizing your office?

Studies show that keeping your space clean can actually have a positive impact on your mental health, such as reducing depression and anxiety, and it is also linked to better weight management (surprisingly). Regardless if you are back in the office or if you’ve made yourself a makeshift office at home, organizing your office space can be beneficial in many ways.

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Here are five ways to refresh your workspace to become more productive:

1. Cut down on the clutter and focus on space organization

First thing’s first—it’s time to purge your office of items that you no longer need and paper clutter. Cluttered desks can cause you to lose focus because your brain has to constantly evaluate what you need to focus on.

Start by filtering through the items and tossing in the trash all the junk, piles of papers, and anything else you aren’t using. Doing this will free up space for your new organization system and give you the space to get things done.

2. Take advantage of containers and focus on desk organization

Instead of using empty desk drawers for every item, organize your materials by category and use storage boxes, file folders, and bins to keep track of your office supplies and materials. You’ll be able to stay organized and save time by knowing exactly where to find specific items instead of wasting time digging through drawers.

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3. Go for comfort

Are you comfortable while you’re working? If not, make some adjustments such as investing in a good desk chair that may help alleviate lower back pain or a keyboard designed to provide additional wrist support. If you get tired of sitting all day, try using a standing desk. When you’re comfortable, you will most likely be more productive.

4. Add some feng shui

Feng shui is meant to invite positive energy into a space. Small feng shui changes like adding air-purifying plants and repositioning your office furniture can promote positive energy flow throughout the space. Studies have shown that adding plants, such as easy-to-care-for-plants like spider plants, dracaenas, and golden pothos, to your office can increase productivity.

5. Lighten things up

Lighting plays an important role in your productiveness and focus. Both dim and harsh light can cause eye strain and headaches. Adequate lighting—especially natural lightingimproves productivity, so if possible, try to ensure your space has enough lighting.

Try opening windows near your desk, taking a few breaks a day to get outside for fresh air, or trying a vitamin D lamp, candles, or a salt lamp at your desk for great sources of light.

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