Overcoming Industry Challenges to Better Serve Our Members

Here’s how we continue to serve our members despite industry challenges.

Kristine Overcoming Industry Challenges to Better Serve Our Members

There are only a few things that follow you throughout life—from birth to first job to retirement and beyond. Health insurance is one of those things. It is a service that we use through each stage of life and rely on as a safety net.

I have been in the insurance industry for close to 20 years. While I didn't think my career would take me into insurance, I quickly discovered the positive impact I could make. I am able to help someone at a meaningful level by teaching them about their health plan options, how to use their benefits, and even how to afford them.

We most often engage with our members during difficult and stressful times—times when they are most vulnerable. We have a unique opportunity to be a part of each member’s life journey and provide continued support and guidance. Health insurance is valuable and does not depreciate over time. In fact, it becomes more important as you age and life changes. During my tenure, I have learned many things about the industry, and I’d like to share a few of my insights.

Healthcare can be hard to understand

Health insurance becomes more complicated as you age. A recent survey found that 96% of Americans overestimate their knowledge of health insurance and cannot correctly define the top four insurance terms: deductible, coinsurance, copay, and out-of-pocket maximum.

Health insurance becomes more complex as you reach retirement age, transitioning from employer-based coverage to an individual plan. Previously, individuals and families chose a plan from a limited list of pre-approved employer-based plans. Now, it is their responsibility to assess various plans to find the right one for their needs. It can be difficult to know what plan to select and how these new benefits will meet your needs because of the many plan options available. Working in the Medicare space, I have seen this firsthand as I’ve assisted retirees who are trying to make sense of their various health plan options.

It’s our goal at Select Health to be a knowledge source for those we serve and look for ways to provide continuous support. For my team, we do this by educating prospective and current members on our health plans, helping them choose one that will be beneficial, and ensuring lines of communication remain open, so we can be there to answer questions.

We have adopted tools and processes that make connecting with us easier, such as:

• The Select Health Account portal, which provides access to personal health and benefit information

• The mobile app that provides benefits and claims information and contact information for Member Services

• Member service specialists (available over the phone or online chat) for members who prefer to call us

These tools help us meet our members’ needs and remove barriers and restrictions that may have influenced our member-to-provider relationship. Providing advocacy services is essential to our overall strategy, and a big part of that is to make insurance easier to understand, navigate, and manage.

Reliable care is a priority

Stable and reliable care becomes a priority as you progress through life. We have over 30 years of experience in insurance, and that has given us the opportunity to develop our expertise.

Our unique integration with Intermountain Health provides an extra layer of support that gives our members access to quality care and a secure network of doctors. We work with the same doctors, specialists, and facilities that we have been for many years.

Healthcare frequently changes

The health insurance industry is everchanging. Advancements are continuously happening in healthcare. It is important for health plans to make quick adjustments to better meet the needs of members. Our integration with Intermountain and close alignment with other highly acclaimed clinical partners allow us to stay on the cusp of healthcare advancements, which keeps us well-informed about the latest news on the healthcare front. We use the knowledge gained to discover ways to improve and broaden our services beyond what we currently offer.

Everyone’s needs are unique

One of the best parts of my job is building relationships with members as I listen to their needs and work to help them find solutions. Everyone has a unique journey. My team carries the same passion and understanding as they tell the Select Health story, educate about the value of our plans, and explain what makes us different.

I have been a long-time admirer of Select Health. Our members are at the core of our mission. Select Health has evolved from insurance to a health plan that focuses on promoting health and preventive care. That is why we emphasize educating members about their plan and staying connected with them throughout each life stage and transition.

Working in health insurance has been a rewarding experience. I’m excited to be a part of the Select Health team. It’s a workplace where I can continue to follow my passion alongside others who truly want to make a difference.

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