Staying Active As a Senior Is Vital for Mental and Physical Health

Exercise can slow the effects of aging and impact all aspects of life. Here are a few ways that you can continue staying active into your senior years.

Woman swimming in the water, way's for seniors to stay active

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As we age, it can become more challenging to meet our social, emotional, and physical needs. But there are ways to overcome limitations to help ensure you're working toward the healthiest version of you.

Get a pet

In addition to providing companionship and comfort, pets also give you incentive to move. If taking on a puppy or kitten seems intimidating, there are plenty of well-trained, adult animals looking for a home in shelters and rescues.

People with pets tend to have lower blood pressure and be more active on a daily basis. If you don’t have the capacity to take on a pet of your own, head to the animal shelter and volunteer to walk the dogs. Getting involved with animals can positively impact your physical and mental health.

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Hop in the pool

Water aerobics, aqua zumba, and just regular trips to the pool are great, low-impact options for staying active. Most local recreation centers have classes that can provide you with direction on how to start your aqua journey, or you can just take a few laps in the lap pool.

Grow a garden

If you don’t have space outside, consider finding plants that thrive indoors to add to your home. Gardening can also provide healthy fruits and vegetables to help sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.


By regularly stretching and doing simple yoga, you are training and conditioning your body and your mind.

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Embrace your senior years by staying active through simple activities that help to stretch your mind and your muscles. Rely on friends and check your local resources to encourage you to try new things.


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