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How Your Physical Health Could Be Affecting Your Mental Health

Being vulnerable and expressing emotion helps with feelings of loneliness and may help you feel supported.

How your physical health could be affecting your mental health, infographic


How Your Physical Health Could Be Affecting Your Mental Health


• Sleep

Sleep has a very close connection to mental health. It can affect anxiety levels and those who have an attention deficit disorder.1

• Screen Use

A study showed that individuals who spend a lot of time watching TV or looking at a screen (more than 6 hours a day) were at risk for moderate to severe depression.2

• Financial Security

Financial security and mental health can be interchangeable. The way you view your financial situation can have a direct impact on your mental health. It may be affecting your mental health if it’s causing relationship issues, insomnia, feelings of anger or fearfulness, mood swings, etc.3

• Personal Relationships

Human connection with family and friends can have a positive impact on mental and physical health. It’s not the quantity of connections, it’s the quality.4

• Lack of Exercise

Exercise not only helps with physical health, it also helps with mental health. It can lessen stress levels, anxiety, and depression.5

• Expressing thoughts

Being vulnerable and expressing emotion helps with feelings of loneliness and may help you feel supported.6



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