6 Health Benefits of Avocados

Here’s why adding avocados to your meals can boost your overall health.

A woman holds a freshly cut avocado.

Avocados boast many health benefits that make including them in your diet even more appealing.

Bring on the nutrients

Avocados are a naturally nutrient-dense food, containing nearly 20 vitamins and minerals (C, E, K, and B-6, to name a few). They are the only fruit to have a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fats.

Potassium, potassium, potassium

Most people don’t get enough potassium in their diet, which is a nutrient that helps to lower blood pressure. While most people think bananas are a go-to fruit to get this nutrient, you might be surprised to find out that avocados actually have more potassium.

Avocados boast 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of potassium per serving, making it 14% of the recommended dietary allowance, compared to bananas which have 10%.

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Protect those eyes

Avocados contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two nutrients that are important for good eye health. Studies have shown that these nutrients have been linked to reducing the risk for macular degeneration and cataracts.

Hold the sugar

Compared to other fruits, avocados contain very small amounts of sugar. They're about 73% water, 15% fat, 8.5 % carbohydrates, and 2% protein.

Fresher breath

An avocado can help to freshen your breath. Bacteria can build up in your gut and intestines and can cause bad breath. Eating an avocado cleanses your mouth and helps remove that bacteria.

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Strong bones

Eating this fruit regularly can give you a helping hand in maintaining strong bones, thanks to vitamin K, as well as many other bone-healthy nutrients.

There are lots of creative ways to get good fats into your diet by adding avocado to meals and snacks. Add it to your morning smoothie or have avocado toast for breakfast. Add avocado slices to your salad or mash them and serve it as a side with tortilla chips or pretzels.

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