10 Things You Are Probably Doing That May Be Sabotaging Your Diet

When it comes to your diet, some bad habits are more obvious than others.

 Women eating while on the go


Whether you are looking to lose weight or working to maintain a healthy diet, it’s easy to not notice the day-to-day things that may be hurting your diet plan and progress.


Here are several things to consider as they may be sabotaging your diet.


Watching TV

The average American watches over four hours of TV every day. Aside from inactivity, the problem with watching too much TV is the common behavior that often accompanies it—unhealthy snacks, sugary drinks, and often informal meals.


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Sleeping too much or too little

It turns out mom was right all along—staying up late isn’t such a good idea. Besides making it harder to concentrate, lack of sleep throws off your body’s hormonal balance. Some of these hormones control when you feel hungry, leaving you with a desire to eat even when you’ve had enough.


Not getting enough exercise

Your body is meant to be active. Being active not only burns calories, it makes you less likely to eat and more likely to make healthier food choices. 


Bonus: Regular exercise will also help keep your immune system strong and your blood pressure in check.


Eating out

Eating out isn’t very healthy in general. Not only are there fewer healthy options than when you eat at home, but the “healthy” options aren’t always what they seem. Restaurants often add salt, sugar, and fat to boost flavor. With large portion sizes and high amounts of fat and salt, fast food is the least-healthy option.


Working the graveyard shift

There is a tiny area of your brain that controls routine changes in your behavior, including mental and physical functions during the day (biological clock). “The intricate and complex biological system responds daily and automatically to the rhythms of day and night. When you impose an artificial tempo to your day by going to bed too late, there will be real health consequences,” says Medical Daily.



Snacking between meals isn’t always a bad thing and healthy options can help keep your appetite under control. But many snacks are high in calories. So, if you’re going to munch, choose things like fruits and vegetables.


Skipping meals

Along with snacking, skipping meals altogether can cause impulsive, unhealthy eating habits later in the day. Instead, try eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.


Eating on-the-go

Eating on-the-go can be just as unhealthy as skipping meals. Grabbing a bite while running errands often leads to overeating. Sit down and focus on your food, even if it's just for a few minutes.


Shopping hungry

Shopping hungry is a bad idea because you may spend more on foods that looks appealing in the moment.  


Eating unbalanced meals

Finding balance in your diet is essential. An unbalanced diet can deprive you of much-needed nutrients and lead to diabetes, osteoarthritis, and malnutrition—all serious health concerns.


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