How do I submit claim files?

Select Health will support providers in reporting accurate and complete documentation and coding by encouraging provider clinics to submit claims files to Select Health. This process is meant to supplement the normal claims submission processes to capture additional documented ICD10 codes that are not being transmitted on the claims.

Please send claim submissions to

Supplemental claims file

Data Specifications:


Note: any additional fields as desired/needed for claims identification will be accepted.

How do I bill more than 12 diagnosis codes?

Learn how to bill more than 12 diagnosis codes for Medicare and Medicaid.

Download guide

How do I bill an annual/comprehensive wellness visit?

Learn how to bill annual wellness visits when combined with comprehensive medical exams or evaluation and management visits.

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How do I access the Risk Adjustment dashboard and tools?

Accessing the Risk Adjustment Dashboard is dependent on if you have existing access to Select Health’s online provider tools. Consult the chart below for details.

I already have online tool access...

  1. Email
  2. Add this subject line: Provider Dashboard Access
  3. Include in email the following:
    Select Health username 
    Clinic/organization name 
    First and Last name of the requestor

I do not have online tool access...

  1. Request Secure Access
  2. Email completed forms to and
  3. Add this subject line: Provider Dashboard Access

Once access is granted, access the dashboard to see Risk Adjustment reports. Follow the guide for more information on how to navigate the dashboard. 

Download guide Access dashboard

How do I use point of care tools?

Learn how to use screenshots of tools used to identify care and coding gaps. 

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How do I register for SFTP?

Registering for SFTP access (secure file transfer protocol) is easy. Simply email your clinic name, clinic contact person, and state clinic is in to