EDI Transactions

Electronic claim submission increases accuracy because claim information received is loaded directly into our system. We can also receive coordination of benefits (COB) claims and corrected bills electronically.

The language used in electronic transactions is called X12 and is subject to national standards. We support a variety of EDI transactions (see below) and require all external trading partners to submit these transactions through the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN).

To accept a claim into our system, we require a Provider's NPI be added to the system. If you are unsure whether we have a specific provider’s NPI information, please contact us prior to submitting claims.

Payer ID Information

Select Health does not have a single payer ID; however, you can access a Payer ID List that aligns common software/clearinghouse information with the payer ID each uses for Select Health. This list is updated monthly. If the clearinghouse has a search function, we can be found under the name “Select Health,” or possibly under one our former names, “Intermountain Health” or “IHC Health Plans.” Download the Latest Payer ID List.


Contact our EDI team at:

EDI Transaction Types