Network Eligibility Requirements 

For prescribing behavioral health providers (excluding Advance Practice Professionals): Meet credentialing criteria, PPSC approval as required**, and have privileges at an Intermountain Health hospital or other Select Health-contracted hospital near the provider's practice. ***

For non-prescribing behavioral health providers: Credentialing Committee approval* and Practitioner Panel Strategy Committee (PPSC) approval as required**; government plan requirements include:

  • For Select Health Advantage Medicare plan: Must be an eligible CMS provider type and enrolled as a Medicare provider. (CMS recognizes MD/DO, APRN, PHD, & LCSW.)
  • For Integrated Select Health Community Care plan: Must be enrolled as a Medicaid provider with Utah State Medicaid through the PRISM system.
  • For Select Health CHIP (Utah Children's Health Insurance Plan): must be enrolled as a "known provider" with Utah State Medicaid through the PRISM system.

For any change of address or affiliation: PPSC approval (see above).

* Eligibility requires the provider to hold an active Utah State license and meet Select Health credentialing criteria as specified in the Provider Reference Manual.

** The Select Health Practitioner Panel Strategy Committee (PPSC) makes day-to-day network participation decisions for all networks, with the exception of the Select Health Choice® and Select Health Care® networks.

*** If a provider has multiple practice locations, the provider must hold Active/Active Referral hospital privileges at one or more these facilities.