DIY Workout: Creative At-Home Workouts

Here are some at-home exercises you can do with objects you already have lying around.

Man doing a push-up as part of his DIY at-home workout

Staying active is good for your physical and mental health. Regular exercise has been linked to steady blood sugar and insulin levels, a healthier weight, and better moods.

However, it’s not always easy to find the time to get to the gym. Good news: You don’t need a full gym to get active.

Check out some of the exercises you can do at home with objects you have lying around.

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Weight training

Whether you’re working on your muscle tone or trying to bulk up a bit, weight training is an excellent addition to your workout routine. Regular weight training can help to strengthen your muscles and bones, reduce the risk of certain diseases, boost your metabolism and aid in fat loss, and improve your endurance.

At-home workout

Find several full bottles, such as 1.5-liter or 2-liter soda bottles or milk jugs. For lighter weight, grab some water bottles. Use those to engage in squat presses, arm raises, and bicep curls.

Other items you can use for strength training include bags of rice, heavy books, and laundry detergent bottles. Make sure they’re closed or sealed before you get started to avoid making a big mess with an open bottle or bag.

Core strengthening

Strengthening your core is another key element of a good fitness routine. Your core includes the muscles in your lower back, abdomen, hips, and pelvis. Improving the strength of these muscles can improve your stability and balance.

A strong core can also help reduce back pain. When your core isn’t strong enough, you’re more susceptible to injuries, fatigue, and lower endurance.

At-home workout

Grab a towel and place it under your hands or feet to make ab workouts like knee tucks, pikes, and mountain climbers a little more difficult. Another option is to place paper plates beneath your feet and push out into various plank positions. The paper plate easily slides across hard surface and carpet and reduces friction, so you can further engage your core muscles.

Lunges help strengthen your core and your hips, glutes, and quads, so engage in this movement while you vacuum the floors in your house. Simply do walking lunges and reach your arms out to vacuum the surfaces all throughout the living space. Keep a 90-degree angle between your thighs and lower legs and avoid extending your knee beyond your foot.

Cardiovascular activity

Cardio exercise is good for your heart, helping to reduce the risk of certain diseases while improving your lung capacity and boosting your energy. A cardio workout routine can also help you lose weight, sleep better, and strengthen your immune system.

At-home workout

Some of the best cardio exercises to do at home that don’t require any special equipment include jumping jacks, squat jumps, jogging in place, and burpees. You can also run up and down your stairs, if you have them, or turn on your favorite tunes and dance to get your heart rate up.

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Staying active doesn’t always require fancy equipment or a gym membership, nor does it require you to leave the house. Stay home and get active with these creative at-home workout options that you can do with stuff you already have in your house.

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