7 Things that May Help Prevent a Migraine

Your life shouldn’t be ruled by the constant discomfort of pulsing headaches. Don’t let it stop you from living your life. Take charge with these tips.

Woman suffers from migraine headaches and places fingers on head, 7 Things that May Help Prevent a Migraine

Headaches are a common pain for many who are feeling stressed or haven’t been getting enough sleep. But migraines? Those are a different story.

Migraines are completely debilitating, painful headaches that can interfere with your overall quality of life. Over 38 million Americans suffer from them. Unfortunately, many of those people don’t quite know what triggers them.

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Here are just seven things to consider that may help prevent a migraine:

Jot in your journal

It can be helpful to start keeping a “headache diary” for you to record elements about your migraines such as possible triggers, the time of day, what you were doing when the pain started, severity levels, the weather, and any other information you think may be helpful.

Tracking your migraine triggers can help you identify any patterns that may be the main causes of your migraine attacks.

Ditch the drinks

If you are an occasional wine or social drinker, you might want to reach for a can of your favorite diet soda instead. Alcohol is a proven major migraine and headache trigger. If you notice that you tend to get a migraine only a few hours after having a drink, or even the morning after a night out, it might be a good idea to reevaluate how much alcohol you consume.

Caffeine may provide temporary relief to migraines but avoid relying on cups of coffee to alleviate the pain. Sometimes, dependency on caffeine as a treatment can backfire and result in migraines.

Consider supplements

Some migraines can actually be set off by deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to migraines, and taking supplements has been known to help reduce migraine symptoms. Do your research and talk to your doctor about what vitamins and minerals can help you.

Take note of your hormones

Your hormones control a lot of processes in your body, and if there is a hormone imbalance, it may lead to a variety of symptoms including migraines. If you are suffering from migraines during certain points of your menstrual cycle, talk to your doctor. Sometimes birth control or other therapeutic treatments can help alleviate symptoms.

Don’t discount the hormone impact on men. Men with hormone imbalances can experience migraines. It is important to let your doctor know, so any irregularities can be addressed and treated.

Say “bye” to bright lights

Many who experience migraines have sensitivity to light, which triggers headaches. Lights from being outside to household lights and even electronics can cause an attack. If brightness seems like a common trigger for you, try wearing tinted glasses inside, a good pair of sunglasses for when you go outside on bright days, changing out your fluorescent lightbulbs for warm white LED bulbs, and cutting down on computer blue light, or wearing special glasses that filter blue light.

Go easy on the exercise

Too much exercise can actually be the cause of your hardcore headaches. If you experience migraines after some heavy weightlifting or after an intense workout, you might not be drinking enough water, or you might be pushing yourself too hard. Try out some low-impact exercises to give your body a break and shake up your routine.

Plan ahead

If you know your headache triggers and they aren’t controllable, there are ways you can plan ahead to tackle your symptoms before they even arrive. There are many new preventative therapies available to those who struggle with migraines, such as preventive medication or even certain exercises.

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Consult with your doctor to find what treatment can help free you from migraines and their throbbing pain. Migraines can be a lifelong illness and with preventive and ongoing treatment, it doesn’t have to plague your life.

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