6 Things You Do That Are Destroying Your Teeth

These common things are destroying your teeth without you realizing it.

There are many surefire ways to destroy your teeth, but since chewing on rocks and other hard objects probably isn’t a temptation for you, we’ve put together this infographic to help you avoid ruining your teeth with products that actually are enticing.


1. Chewing gum that isn’t sugarless

Gum can help prevent tooth decay by increasing saliva. Sugary gum, however, will coat your teeth and could cause future problems.

2. Drinking soda or juice

Sugars combine with bacteria in your mouth to create harmful acids that can attack your teeth.

3. Eating sticky foods

Starchy foods like potato chips and breads become softs and get stuck on and between teeth. Gummy candy is fully of sugar and also gets stuck between teeth, leading to decay.

4. Not brushing your teeth

In one survey, 47% of respondents admitted they don’t brush before bed. Failing to brush can cause plaque buildup and result in tooth decay.

5. Brushing too soon

If you’ve eaten anything acidic, don’t brush immediately afterward to avoid spreading the acid around your mouth. Toothpaste may not be strong enough to remove high acidic content directly after consumption.

6. Failing to floss

Flossing can help prevent gum disease, yet 37% of adults don’t floss daily and 32% don’t floss at all.


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