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SelectHealth Update: COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

We understand that many of our members and communities are concerned about the potential impacts of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). As part of an integrated system, we are fortunate to draw upon the skills and expertise of Intermountain Healthcare and our other clinical partners as they provide guidance for our communities.

At SelectHealth, our current policies are designed to ensure that our members’ needs are met in the most seamless and efficient ways possible. We also utilize agile processes to address emerging and changing needs when appropriate. Here’s what we are doing to assist in education, coordination, and care outreach efforts:

How we support our members, customers, and business partners

  • Treatment and testing for COVID-19 is covered as outlined on our COVID-19 (coronavirus) page.
  • We are educating members about the proper way to triage concerns. This includes:
  • Intermountain Home Delivery is available for traditional maintenance medications, and Intermountain Specialty Pharmacy is available for specialty medications. Learn more about these pharmacies.
  • We’ve expanded our telehealth coverage to help members seek services safely and to help ensure important continuity of care. This includes adding temporary coverage for digital and telephonic services for medical and behavioral health needs. 
  • We extended preauthorizations to accommodate postponed elective procedures. 

  • We are closely aligned with our clinical partners to encourage consistent messaging and care delivery.
  • We are sharing important details via links on our website and/or social media. This includes reminders about proper handwashing and other preventive measures.
  • We continue to work closely with members who have chronic conditions to ensure they are supported in getting care that avoids exposure to the virus and have adequate supplies of their medications.

How we support our caregivers

  • SelectHealth employees, known as caregivers, are updated regularly by our Business Continuity Team. This team is closely following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local Departments of Health. 
  • Most caregivers have been transitioned to telecommuting. 
  • Caregivers who are ill have been asked to work from home. Those who believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 must also work from home and are triaged as appropriate by our Human Resources and Employee Health teams.
  • Any caregivers still working in the office are practicing social distancing, washing hands regularly, and sitting apart. All workspaces are being professionally cleaned several times daily, including sanitizing door handles, elevator buttons, desks, and phones.
  • Meeting and travel plans have been altered to encourage virtual assembly.
  • Current resources about preparation, treatment recommendations, and reminders for avoiding exposures are available on our caregiver website.
  • Business continuity planning is aimed at ensuring an uninterrupted service experience for our members and consistent work hours for caregivers.

How we support our communities

  • We are closely aligned with our other clinical partners to ensure our messages remain consistent and frequent.
  • We are involved in local workgroups with public health officials to offer support and a conduit for information.
  • We regularly coordinate and communicate with our regulators.

We are prepared to support and educate our members as we maintain a calm and encouraging approach to our daily work.