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2/21/2024 | Press Release
Select Health annual Community Impact Report

Select Health is pleased to announce and publish its first annual Community Impact Report. The report provides a comprehensive overview of 2023 community relations efforts across all its lines of business and markets, including the four states in which it conducts business: Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Colorado.

“Creating healthier communities takes more than just offering a good health insurance product—it requires great care and effort by implementing extensive impact programs that touch on things like housing, food security, access to healthcare, mental health, education, and more,” said Rob Hitchcock, Select Health President and CEO.

Select Health goes beyond offering quality, affordable access to healthcare when living out its mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. It invests in the community in numerous ways, including:

  • It’s three signature programs: Select Health Awards, B3: Brain Body Boost and Latinx Scholarships (expanding to Select Health Scholarships in 2024)
  • Community giving, community outreach and volunteerism
  • Business community relations (including awards and Chambers of Commerce engagement

Highlights of the year’s efforts include:

  • Nearly $1 million invested in the community annually
  • $80,000 donated through the Select Health Awards community grants program
  • Collaborated with 244 community partners across four states
  • Distributed more than 500 flu shot vaccines
  • Awarded $45,000 in scholarships to help students enter the healthcare field

The report underscores the organization’s community health priorities, which include food security, housing stability, access to healthcare, health behaviors (such as exercise), preventative care, and mental healthcare.

“It’s important to note how many Select Health employees had a hand in this work,” said Dawn Wright, community and public relations director at Select Health. “From the 191 caregivers who volunteered in the community, to the 27 individuals serving on boards, to the 44 caregivers who helped at events—it was truly a group effort.”

To learn more about how Select Health is building strong communities, visit the “In the Community” page at