CareAffiliate® Online Tool Disclosures

Post-Service Reviews:

  • Medicare: A request for an episode of care that has been completed needs to be submitted as a claim rather than through CareAffiliate.

  • All Others: A request can be submitted with a date of service up to 10 days in the past. A request with a date of service beyond 10 days needs to be submitted by the proper plan email:

Expedited Requests: For any urgent/ expedited request, refer to the Survey or Assessment section on the Authorization Request.

Benefit Disclaimer: Preauthorization is not a confirmation or guarantee of benefits or coverage. Any additional procedure/services may require preauthorization to determine coverage. Certain authorizations may expire, requiring a new request and review six months after the initial date of service.

Auto-Approval Audit Disclaimer: Electronic preauthorization requests require accurate clinical and coding information input. Select Health audits electronic authorizations for accuracy and may revoke a request and/or suspend auto-approval if information submitted is inadequate or misrepresents the clinical circumstance, resulting in inappropriate authorization.