Tips to Help You Prepare for Open Enrollment

Looking for a new plan this fall? Enrolling may be easier than you think with our tips on how to prepare for open enrollment.

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When you aren’t protected by a health plan, you might worry about getting in an accident or even going to the doctor for routine care. You can take steps to protect yourself, and enrolling on a plan may be easier than you think.

Open enrollment is the time of year when you can enroll on a health plan. Outside of this timeframe, you can only enroll if you have a qualifying life event.

How to prepare for Open Enrollment

Plan ahead

Plan to renew your existing health plan or choose a new one during open enrollment. If you are already enrolled, you will receive a reminder and instructions on how to renew your plan—read these materials carefully. Open enrollment begins November 1 and runs through December 15, 2022 in most states.

Now is a good time to rerun the numbers from last year and assess your known healthcare needs for 2023. Be sure to look at the plan options and determine whether you qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) or Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR). It might be more cost effective for you to change to a different plan type or reconsider your deductible options. Both options can lower your out-of-pocket costs.

With an APTC, the government will help pay for your premium (the amount you pay each month to your health insurer for your plan). CSRs can improve your benefits, so you spend less overall.

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When you are signing up for a new plan, be prepared with your previous year’s tax and income information. Use a tool like this one to learn more about how you could save money.

Call for help answering your questions

If you have questions, or need help choosing a plan, call us at 855-442-0220. In addition, assistance is available in Utah through the Association for Utah Community Health (801-974-5522) and Take Care Utah ( In Idaho, assistance is available through Your Health Idaho (855-944-3246) and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare ( And in Nevada, assistance is available through Access Nevada (800-992-0900).

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