Understanding Medicare’s 5-Star Quality Rating System

Do you know what a Star Rating is and how it affects your Medicare Advantage plan?

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Star Ratings are an important part of choosing the right Medicare Advantage plan for you. Do you know what a Star Rating is and how it affects your Medicare Advantage plan?

So, what is a Star Rating?

Medicare uses a five-star quality rating system to evaluate health plans. The Star Rating can tell you a lot about a company’s customer service, member satisfaction, benefits, and overall quality. Pay attention to those stars! Based on real members’ answers to surveys and questionnaires, companies receive updated ratings annually.

Medicare created the Star Rating system to help you compare the performance and quality for Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Medicare plans are rated on a scale of one (1) out of five (5) stars with a 5-Star Rating being the highest score a plan can receive.

How are Star Ratings determined?

Medicare has many categories, around 37, actually, for measuring the quality and performance a plan must meet before it can receive a 5-Star Rating. Measures include staying healthy programs, managing chronic conditions, member experience and satisfaction, pharmacy services, and customer service.

What Star Rating did Select Health Advantage receive for 2022?

For 2022, Select Health Advantage plans in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada received a 5-Star Rating. This means we have the highest possible rating awarded by Medicare.

Why do Star Ratings matter?

The Star Rating gives you a quick summary of a plan’s performance and it may help you determine which plan is best for you. Medicare also rewards the plan with extra money that must be reinvested back into the plan. This means we can provide additional and better benefits for you while maintaining quality service.

How do I enroll on a 5-Star plan like Select Health Advantage?

As a Medicare beneficiary, you can evaluate your current plan each year from October 15 through December 7 (the Annual Enrollment Period). This is the time to make sure your plan will meet your healthcare needs for the upcoming year.

Select Health Advantage can now offer the flexibility of an added Special Enrollment Period. If your Medicare plan doesn’t have a 5-Star Rating, you can switch to a Medicare 5-Star Rated plan within your service area from December 8 through November 30.

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To learn more about Medicare plan options in your service area and about the Select Health Advantage 5-Star Rated plans, please contact a Select Health sales agent at 855-442-9940 (TTY: 711) or visit selecthealth.org/medicare.

How do I learn more about Star Ratings?

Visit selecthealth.org/medicare/star-ratings or medicare.gov to learn more or call us at 855-442-9940 (TTY: 711).

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