A Prescription for Savings

Find the lowest price for you and your family’s medications.

Young woman smiles before taking her medicines.

Select Health collaborates with Rx Savings Solutions to help members save money on prescriptions through an innovative pharmacy savings tool.

Rx Savings Solutions shows you the lowest price at participating pharmacies for the medications that you and your family use. Unlike other price-shopping tools, Rx Savings Solutions can also suggest lower-cost medications that may work just as effectively as those you’re currently taking.

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Five ways Rx Savings Solutions saves you money on your prescriptions

  1. Different Drug, Same Treatment: There is usually more than one medication available to treat a medical condition. This tool will show you all of them, along with their costs.
  2. Same Drug, Different Pharmacy: Sometimes it’s as simple as using a different pharmacy that may sell your current medication for much less.
  3. Same Active Ingredient, Lower Price: If a generic is available, we’ll find it. If there is more than one option, you’ll know exactly what each one costs.
  4. Same Drug, Different Form: Believe it or not, a capsule might cost more than a tablet or liquid form—or vice versa. Rx Savings Solutions helps you determine which option is most cost effective.
  5. Same Ingredients, Different Pills: If a drug has two active ingredients, the price may be higher. You may be able to take the active ingredients separately at the same time for the same treatment at a lower cost.

Once you register, Rx Savings Solutions will notify you whenever you have an opportunity to save.

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If you have not activated your Rx Savings Solutions account, just visit Select Health.org/RxSavings. To access your Rx Savings Solutions account, you will need to log in to your Select Health secure member account at selecthealth.org.

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