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Recharging isn’t just for cellphones. Find out why your body and mind need to recharge regularly to function their best.

Woman smiles while sitting on the couch to rest and recharge.

What happens when you don’t charge your cell phone? You turn down the screen brightness, try not to check your texts, and count down the moments until your phone shuts off altogether. People function similarly to cell phones in that they require energy to perform tasks. And just like your phone, when you’re not fully charged, you don’t perform as well.

What we mean by “recharging” can look differently depending on your life, but essentially it means self-care and rest. It’s not something you do just on vacation, either; you should be taking time out throughout every day to recharge.

But Americans are terrible at recharging—working harder, feeling overwhelmed, taking fewer vacations, retiring later, and having fewer days off than any other industrialized country.

Here’s proof that you should be taking time out of your day to rest and recharge:

1. It reduces stress

You’re a lovely person, but that friendliness is diminished when you’re stressed, right? That’s because stress can mute positive traits and that can have an impact on your interpersonal relationships as well as your coping mechanisms. When you step away from the stress by meditating, taking a walk, or finding some other way to relax, you allow your positive traits to shine.

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2. It increases creativity

On a typical day, you’ve got so many things on your mind that there isn’t space for your creativity to flourish. By resting and recharging, you allow your creativity a chance to take up space again.

3. You’ll feel better

The stress hormone cortisol makes you feel panicked and on edge, but when you relax, you’ll give your “feel-good” hormones a chance to be released. Your mood will feel elevated and you’ll be more prepared to take on the day.

4. It might help you live longer

Studies have shown stress is one of the top causes of death, so when you take the time to recharge and reduce your stress, you’re helping yourself physically. That could mean avoiding some fatal health issues.

5. It can strengthen your immune system

Relaxation helps your body repair itself and that means your immune system benefits from it. Remember when finals rolled around in college? How did you feel? Chances are that your friends all caught colds and you felt terrible. That’s because stress weakens the immune system. Recharging regularly can help keep you well.

Ways to recharge

So, how can you recharge? Here are some suggestions:

  • Set aside one day a week to fully rest. Lazy Sundays are perfect.
  • Turn off your WIFI temporarily. No internet means no email.
  • Shut down your cell phone, place it on silent or in another room.
  • Take a relaxing bath.
  • Request a mental health day and actually take the day off. Most bosses are more than happy to give you a day off work for the sake of mental health.
  • Meditate. Even a few minutes can do wonders.
  • Take a drive.
  • Get outside and walk the dog.
  • Get comfy and take a nap.
  • Color. This is why adult coloring books are all the rage.
  • Curl up and read the book that has been on your list for a while.
  • Journal.
  • Pamper yourself and get a pedicure.

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Find something that resonates with you. If pedicures stress you out, try taking a walk instead. If you love hot chocolate, take a hot chocolate break and focus only on that. There’s no glory in being a martyr for constantly staying busy; take time to recharge and be good to yourself and your life.

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