Screen Time and Kids—What you should know

Facts about how much screen time to allow your kids.

Screen Time and Kids: What You Should Know Infographic

Did you know...

The average child in the 1970s didn’t watch TV until the age of four?
Today, 75% of infants and toddlers under the age of two have watched TV?
43% of children under two watch TV every day?
Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each day to build strong muscles and bones and strengthen cardiovascular health?

How does your child’s screen time compare to these averages?

Ages 8-10: 6 hrs/day in front of a screen;2 of which are TV
Ages 11-14: 9 hrs/day; 5 of which are TV
Ages 15-18: 7.5 hrs/day; 4.5 of which are TV

How much screen time is best for kids?

Screen time for kids should be limited to one to two hours a day.

By limiting screen time, your child has more opportunities to get outside and prioritize physical activity.

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