Can You Pass This At Home Fitness Test?

Do this simple test to measure your general fitness levels.

 Man an a woman doing an at home fitness test, can you do these pushups? Situps? Wall sits?  

When was the last time you took a fitness test? For most people, unless you recently signed up with a personal trainer or joined the military, your last fitness test may have been in junior high. This simple test will give you a sense of your overall fitness. *

This can be a great way to measure how effective your current workout program is, or it can help you determine where you need to focus your efforts. This test will measure strength, flexibility, speed, and balance—all important aspects that make up a healthy body. 

Write down your results, track your progress, and take the test again in a few months to compare results.  


Wall sit

Put your back against a wall and slide down until you’re in a seated position against the wall with your thighs and torso forming a 90-degree angle. Keep your hands off your legs and time how long you can hold it. Don’t worry—you can count the time your legs are shaking too!

Ratings (Women)

Excellent: 60+ seconds

Good: 45-60 seconds

Average: 35-45 seconds

Below average: less than 35 seconds

Ratings (Men)

Excellent: 100+ seconds

Good: 75-100 seconds

Average: 50-75 seconds

Below average: less than 50 seconds


Hold a pushup position or move down to your elbows and see how long you can hold it. Make sure your back and neck are all in a straight line and that your bottom is not sticking up in the air. This exercise will measure your core strength. Again, you may start to shake at some point, but see how long you can hold the plank.

A beginner may hold a plank for 30-60 seconds. If you can hold a plank for two minutes or more, it's a good indication that you have a strong core.


This can be done in addition to or instead of the plank, and it will also test the strength of your core. An average person should be able to do about 20-30 sit-ups per minute. A fit individual can do closer to 50-60 per minute.


Set a timer for one minute and see how many pushups you can complete in that time. This will measure your core, shoulder, and arm strength. The average female (from a knee position) should be able to do 10-20 push-ups and an average male (from a toe position) should record 15-25.

At home fitness test, jumping rope

Speed and cardio

Jump rope or jumping jacks

Either of these will test your cardio and endurance. An average person can do approximately 100 jumps in a one- minute setting.

Take the stairs

See how many times you can run up and down your stairs in one minute.


Touch your toes

Standing up with your legs straight, reach downward to your toes. This test obviously measures flexibility. Stretching and being flexible helps to prevent injuries and is good for overall muscle health.


Stand on one foot

How long can you stand on one foot before having to hop or stabilize yourself? Try closing your eyes, and the task suddenly becomes much more difficult. Record your times with each foot and continue to practice.

Stand up and sit down (repeat)

Start by standing, crossing your legs, and then slowly moving into a seated position on the floor cross-legged. Slowly stand (try not to use your hands). If you can’t do this right away, keep practicing.

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Don't be discouraged if you're unable to complete these tests on the first, second, or even third try! Instead use your results to work toward improvements in your fitness level.

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