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Utah Ranks 8th, Idaho 15th In Healthiest States Report

The best and worst states for good health across the nation in 2016.

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Each year, the United Health Foundation compares all fifty states and ranks them from most healthy to least healthy. The 2016 rankings are out, and according to America’s Health Rankings Annual Report, here is how the nifty fifty fair.

1. Hawaii

2. Massachusetts

3. Connecticut

4. Minnesota

5. Vermont

6. New Hampshire

7. Washington

8. Utah

9. New Jersey

10. Colorado

11. North Dakota

12. Nebraska

13. New York

14. Rhode Island

15. Idaho

16. California

17. Iowa

18. Maryland

19. Virginia

20. Wisconsin

21. Oregon

22. Maine

23. Montana

24. South Dakota

25. Wyoming

26. Illinois

27. Kansas

28. Pennsylvania

29. Arizona

30. Alaska

31. Delaware

32. North Carolina

33. Texas

34. Michigan

35. Nevada

36. Florida

37. Missouri

38. New Mexico

39. Indiana

40. Ohio

41. Georgia

42. South Carolina

43. West Virginia

44. Tennessee

45. Kentucky

46. Oklahoma

47. Alabama

48. Arkansas

49. Louisiana

50. Mississippi

The report takes into consideration various factors, including behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and access to clean water, as well as policy, healthcare, and crime rates.

All in all, Utah and Idaho are in a pretty good standing when each is compared to the other states. 

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