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Be Smart Around Water—Facts and Statistics You Should Know

Water accidents are the second leading cause of death in children 14 and younger. Remember these tips to stay safe all summer long.

Two children swimming in the pool, water safety tips. Stay safe around water.

Water accidents are the second leading cause of death in children 14 and younger. Remember these tips to stay safe all summer long.

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Primary Children’s Hospital urges parents this summer, “Don’t just be there, be aware.” The message comes as an effort to prevent drowning, the second leading cause of injury death among children younger than the age of 14.

Water accidents are also a major cause of life-altering brain injuries every year. The messages emphasize that parents must assure 100 percent supervision when their children are near water, at any depth, and must stay alert and avoid distractions. Although there are many risk factors for water-related accidents, the most common in summertime include:

  • Family gatherings near pools, lakes, and rivers, which pose the greatest threat to children ages five and younger
  • Teens, who are the most at risk in open water, especially teenage boys who overestimate their swimming ability
  • Inadequate supervision, the person who is supposed to be watching the child looked away or left the area for “just a minute”  

As family and friends are enjoying summer recreation, whether it is near a lake, river, or pool, there are some simple tips to keep in mind, such as:

Never take your eyes off children in the water

If a child is missing, always check the pool or water first

Teach a child to swim, but remember, there is no substitution for supervision

Never dive into unknown water

Keep a phone nearby in case of an emergency

Use approved life jackets  

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Tragedies happen in a blink of an eye

There’s simply no substitute for 100 percent supervision. Watch your children at all times when they’re around any type of water. Most children love water and it can be fun, but kids and water can present a dangerous mix at anyplace and anytime.

Water-related incidents can be prevented by being aware, educating children, and watching conscientiously. To prepare for an emergency, adults should learn infant and child CPR.

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