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10 Interesting Health Facts about Past Presidents

Did you know that Lyndon Johnson took power naps during his presidency? Find out more interesting ways our founding fathers stayed healthy.

 Mount Rushmore, images of four president's for President's Day

Presidential Healthy Habits

Some of the great leaders of our country also practiced healthy habits. Here’s a few that you may want to consider yourself!

  • John Quincy Adams regularly took a dip in the Potomac and preceded nightly dinner with a three-to-four mile walk
  • Thomas Jefferson soaked his feet in cold water every morning
  • Harry Truman practiced portion control
  • Lyndon Johnson took powernaps
  • Bill Clinton regularly jogged around the South Lawn of the White House
  • George W. Bush was an avid biker
  • James Buchanan took daily walks on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Barack Obama believes in daily exercise and regularly participates in cardio, weight training, and basketball
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower installed a putting green at the White House and played more than 800 rounds of golf while in office
  • Herbert Hoover invented Hooverball, which involved interval training with a medicine ball

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