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Agent Appointment

Our agents are a valuable part of our team! Agents interested in becoming appointed with Select Health can contact our Agent Relations department at or 801-442-4908.

Select Health Awards

We want to help those who help others. That’s why, each year, we choose organizations that are devoted to improving the lives of others and award each one $3,000 and a marketing package to use toward their mission. To learn more, go to:

Intermountain Health Announces New CEO

The Intermountain Health Board of Trustees is excited to announce that Rob Allen, Intermountain’s chief operating officer, has been selected as the new president and CEO for the organization.

Rob has 25+ years of healthcare leadership experience, serving as the CEO of hospitals in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wyoming, before joining Intermountain Health in 2008. In his time with Intermountain, Rob has served as a region operating officer, CEO of Park City Hospital, region vice president and most recently as chief operating officer for the health system, a role that he has held for nearly six years. Rob will assume the president and CEO role at Intermountain’s Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, December 1, 2022.