Claims cost per member lower by 8.1%

Employers who offered our SelectHealth Share product, on average, had 8.1% lower claims cost Per Member Per Month (PMPM) claims costs by 8.1% in 2017 when compared to other SelectHealth fully insured large employer plans.

That’s SelectHealth@Work.

Customer service in 12 seconds

Happy employees have the health plan with the shortest customer service wait times. Our average wait time is 12 seconds, the lowest among major Utah health plans.*

That’s SelectHealth@Work.

*State of Utah Insurer Quality Measures for 2017.

2.5% rates and predictability 

Employers who choose our SelectHealth Share plan and meet the shared participation commitments receive a guaranteed premium increase of 2.5% in both the second and third year of the three-year agreement. 

That’s SelectHealth@Work.

Lowest complaint ratio in Utah

Tired of HR benefit complaints? Choose the health plan with the lowest complaint ratio in Utah.* Faster customer support and fewer denied claims means satisfied employees.

That’s SelectHealth@Work.

*Utah Insurance Department, 2017 Health Insurance Market Report.

70% of employees are now engaged with their health

With innovative tools, services, and products, SelectHealth can help your employees get more engaged with their health. Over 70% of the employees on our SelectHealth Share product are meeting their healthy engagements.

That’s SelectHealth@Work.