Heidi Castaneda

10/24/2023 | Press Release

Heidi Castaneda Recognized as a 2023 Utah Business Magazine Healthcare Hero

Utah Business Magazine has recognized Heidi Castaneda as one of Utah’s Healthcare Heroes for 2023.

Castaneda is the Assistant Vice President of Small Employer and Individual Products at Select Health and this honor celebrated her outstanding contributions to healthcare in Utah.

Healthcare Heroes recognizes individuals who are helping improve healthcare in Utah.Castaneda was recognized under the Corporate Initiatives category for her dedicated work in the health insurance industry.

During the challenging Medicaid re-enrollment period post-COVID-19, Castaneda's 27 years of expertise and experience at Select Health was evident as she skillfully guided her team in contributing to the enrollment of more than 33,000 Utah residents on individual healthcare plans. This transition was necessitated when the public health emergency ended and individuals were required to redetermine their eligibility for Medicaid coverage.

Castenada’s leadership and management of the Medicaid re-enrollment period for Select Health exemplified her devotion to helping people access health insurance and understand plans that best fit their needs.

“She is someone that truly wants to do what is best for our members and individuals in the communities that we serve,” said Alison Thomson, Sales Director of Small Employer, Individual and Associations at Select Health. “She is great at looking outside of the box for new ways and opportunities that Select Health can do to keep people insured.”

Castaneda's dedication to simplifying access to healthcare for the community goes back to the Affordable Care Act, when she and her team traveled across Utah and Idaho to educate people on the changes, subsidies, and federal marketplace applications.

Castaneda's consistent community involvement and her commitment to healthcare accessibility made her a deserving recipient of the Utah Business Magazine 2023 Healthcare Heroes award. Her tireless efforts continue to improve the lives of many in the state.

Congratulations, Heidi!

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