Sean Dunroe CXO Awards
7/7/2023 | Select Health Update
Select Health’s Sean Dunroe named CXO of the Year Honoree by Utah Business Magazine

Utah Business Magazine announced Sean Dunroe as one of the 2023 CXO of the Year honorees. The honor recognizes senior executives who are leading daily operations and crafting innovative strategies to transform the way Utah does business.

Dunroe has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and President of Select Health’s ACA markets. At Select Health his experience has ranged from working directly with members, to marketing and product development, and implementing healthcare strategy. His journey to a career in healthcare began from his passion of science, health, and a desire to help others.

“Growing up, I always imagined becoming a doctor,” Dunroe said. “In college, however, I was drawn to business and pursued that path instead of medicine. Working in the health insurance field has proved to be a great fit and a rewarding way to help people.””

His connection to helping people comes from his time working in member services at Select Health. He spoke with members on the phone daily, listening to their concerns and learning how to help them find a plan or healthcare solution that would best suit their needs. Dunroe’s early work experience introduced him to different perspectives and situations that has aided him in future roles at Select Health to represent and serve all members better.

“Working directly with Select Health members, I gained an appreciation for the industry and realized I could help people navigate the complicated healthcare system to ensure they received the best coverage and care to live the healthiest lives possible,” Dunroe said. “From there, I continued to focus my career on ways to improve the healthcare insurance experience for everyone.”

Under Dunroe’s leadership, Select Health has developed and offered many products over the years that provide healthcare coverage to as many people as possible in the region. Some of these products include a dental plan, a kids plan and a short-term insurance plan.

Dunroe has also led the way to expand Select Health into other markets such as Idaho, Nevada and now Colorado. Select Health today has over 1 million members across its service area and strives to truly be consumer-focused and deliver value-based care. As the company grows, his commitment to Select Health members is to ensure that the company maintains its objective of making healthcare affordable and accessible for each community and its needs.

“Health insurance can be difficult to navigate, and getting proper care is essential to a healthy life,” notes Dunroe. “I am honored to be a part of an organization that prioritizes empowering people to live their healthiest lives possible.” Dunroe’s commitment to improving healthcare processes and experiences is a notable example of how he has constantly worked to keep Select Health members top of mind and further evidence he is a worthy recipient of this honor.

Congratulations on being honored as a Utah Business Magazine CXO of the Year!