Syndication Partner Guidelines

We are committed to creating and sharing content that is useful for consumers, media partners, and others. To this end, we want to ensure the content we share remains reliable and credible and maintains Select Health brand standards.

This document provides expectations for media partners to properly utilize content from Select Health and/or Intermountain Health. This includes all content, whether it’s shared, forwarded, posted online or physically, or used in any other manner. It also provides guidance on how syndication partners can effectively share feedback with Select Health and/or Intermountain Health.

Content Sharing Guidelines

  1. Content and media created by Select Health and/or Intermountain Health cannot be changed in any way. This includes no additions to, nor omission of, any part of the articles, links, pictures, videos, branded images. Please do not filter, crop, or alter graphics in any way.
  2. Please use all links included by Select Health and don’t remove or replace them for any reason.
  3. When uploading content to digital properties (websites, blogs, etc.), Syndication Partners must include original source link provided. This helps search engines identify source content and avoids penalties for duplicative content.
  4. When using content on a social media channel, please make every effort to tag or mention Select Health (@Select Health) in your post (i.e., #, @).
  5. Provide proper attribution in posts by either tagging Select Health social media platforms in your post, leaving posting or photo credit, or directly telling your audiences that information is from one of these entities. Different mediums may work better with one of the means mentioned above for content attribution. Syndication partners may decide which method is best.
  6. Any representation of Select Health and/or Intermountain Health logos should not be edited, cropped, or modified in any way.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact your Select Health representative. Situations may arise where you may be uncertain if an action falls in line with the above guidelines; in this case, please confirm your next steps with your representative before posting any content.

Content Flow Process

Syndication Partners can anticipate the following regarding content received from Select Health:

  1. Each month, Select Health will deliver four to five pieces of content (e.g., articles, blog posts, videos, images, infographics), which are published by Select Health and/or Intermountain Health.
  2. Syndication Partners are invited to use and share this content on their websites, emails, blogs and social media channels, following the guidelines listed above.
  3. Approximately twice each year, Select Health and/or Intermountain Health will send a survey to better understand the needs of our partners and improve our syndication process.
  4. Select Health and/or Intermountain Health may inquire about the effectiveness of content provided to Syndication Partners and request details about how the content is shared and/or repurposed at any time.

Terms of Use

All use of syndicated content or media provided by Select Health and/or Intermountain Health is subject to the Terms of Use for Intermountain Health Syndicated Content.