Shared Accountability

Shared Accountability

Select Health and Intermountain Health are committed to a shared accountability approach to healthcare delivery. Why? Because this is the future of healthcare.

To meet today’s challenges of variable quality, barriers to access, and rising healthcare costs, we are committed to:

  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Appropriate use of resources
  • Benefits designed to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Patients engaged in illness management
  • Mental health integration

We share the savings generated by improved healthcare outcomes with providers using payment models that align financial incentives with value, making shared accountability a smart strategy for healthcare providers.

Providers, the healthcare plan, employers, and patients all have important roles to play in achieving high-quality, sustainable healthcare. Select Health is a valuable resource for providers to help address changes in healthcare through shared accountability.

Benefits of Shared Accountability

  1. Focusing care on the most effective treatments. Using evidence-based medicine and best practices to avoid overtreatment, undertreatment, and medical errors.
  2. Engaging patients. Providing greater transparency about treatment options so patients and physicians can work together to make more informed decisions.
  3. Emphasizing patient education and shared decision-making. Emphasizing wellness and prevention for chronic health problems and supporting provider efforts to help patients better understand possible treatments, treatment plans, and health programs.
  4. Aligning financial incentives for all parties. Sharing the financial risk of caring for groups of patients, providing incentives for patients to use care wisely, and structuring provider payments on value rather than volume.

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