Health Insurance Plans

Traditional Plans

Traditional plans offer the most comprehensive coverage. These plans typically have lower deductibles and cost-sharing arrangements (copays, coinsurance) when compared to our HSA-compatible options. However, they generally have higher monthly premiums.

HSA-Eligible Plans

HSA-eligible Plans (HDHPs) are designed to be paired with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA). An increasingly popular choice, HSA-eligible plans typically have lower monthly premiums, offset by high deductibles and cost-sharing.

Give Your Employees a Choice

Employers can also offer their employees a choice between at least one traditional plan and at least one high deductible health plan. This allows employees to compare plans and decide which one is the best for their unique needs.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Our team of pharmacists and nationally recognized physicians develop evidence-based formularies designed to maximize value while reducing costs.

Proven Prescription Drug Lists (Formularies)

RxSelect - Our premier, evidence-based drug list covers a wide range of medications and places minimal restrictions on drug selection.

RxCore - A value-based drug list designed to provide savings by excluding brand-name drugs when lower-cost, generic options or over-the-counter equivalents are available.

Customize Your Plan

We can recommend plan designs that keep costs low while providing the benefits your employees need. From zero-deductible office visits to specialized drug coverage, we'll create the perfect plan (or plans!) for your company. As you build an insurance plan with your agent or our Sales team, be sure to explore options than can provide specialized coverage for your employees.

Optional Benefits

Eyewear - Good vision is an important part of overall health. Select Health has partnered with EyeMed Vision Care to offer funded benefits for vision hardware. Eyewear Plans include coverage for contacts, frames, lens and lens treatments, and more. Visit EyeMed and select the Access network to search a complete listing of participating providers and retail locations. 

Dental - Large Employers can add customized dental benefits to their medical plans or purchase standalone dental coverage. We offer flexible benefit designs to fit your needs. 

Healthy Living - Engage your employees in wellness activities that work. Partner with us to use our Healthy Living product for your workplace wellness program.

Concierge Services - A buy-up option for self-funded employers who want the fastest customer service and a seamless healthcare experience for their employees.