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Large Employer Funding and Network Options

Talk to your agent or our Large Employer Sales team about which funding option is right for you, and then ask us for a rate quote.

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Choose a Funding Option

Large Employer health insurance plans can be funded in many ways, from conservative arrangements to those with higher risk.

Fully Insured Options

Traditional Fully Insured (51+ Employees)

This is a lower-risk option in which employers prepay premiums that include expected claims and fixed costs (administrative fees and risk allocation). We pay for all covered claims as defined in our Group Health Insurance Contract.

SelectHealth Share (51+ Employees - Utah only)

Includes a three-year rate proposal, with increases of 2.5% in years two and three for employers that meet their Share commitments. Employers also access our robust Healthy Living platform for employees to complete required commitments such as digital health coaching, fitness challenges, and health screenings, which help create a workplace culture of health.

Self-Funded Options

Level Funding (51 to 250 employees - Utah Only)

As a self-funded plan, rates are set by calculating administrative fees, reinsurance for specific and aggregate attachment points, and anticipated claims. Based on this calculation, employers can choose their own tier structure for rate calculation. Employers will see one bundled invoice based on enrollment and the set rates.

If claims are better than expected, employers receive a portion of the unused claims dollars back. Nonrenewal and early termination may impact the amount an employer receives back.

Employers receive claims reports that help to pinpoint expense drivers and can choose our seamless plan that provides uniform plan designs and our great SelectHealth customer service.This option includes SelectHealth reinsurance, standard contracts, and uses our SelectHealth Prescription Benefit Manager, SelectHealth Prescriptions.

Traditional Self-Funding (200+ employees)

Our experience providing self-funded administration for some of Utah and Idaho's largest employers, and numerous other clients, has given us a wealth of knowledge in third-party administration. We have the stop-loss, claims, reporting, and medical management experience to service complicated self-funded arrangements.

We offer flexible plan designs that balance cost and coverage while accommodating your unique needs. We provide access to detailed claims reports that pinpoint expenses. Our competitive reinsurance mitigates liability, and employers with over 200 eligible employees can work with approved external stop-loss carriers. In 2016, we processed 96% of claims within 15 days. Our employers know their costs as soon as possible. Employers can choose our seamless plan that provides uniform plan designs and our great SelectHealth customer service.


Nationally Recognized Doctors and Hospitals

Employers can choose between our networks, which range in size and scope to help you balance cost and access.


SelectHealth Value

SelectHealth Value is highly integrated with Intermountain Healthcare and is a great option for employers along the Wasatch Front. SelectHealth Value provides access to all Intermountain facilities in Weber, Davis, Tooele, Salt Lake, and Utah counties.

SelectHealth Share

SelectHealth Share members have access to Intermountain Medical Group physicians and affiliated providers. Members can use 20 Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah and have access to Intermountain clinics, including InstaCare and KidsCare.

SelectHealth Med

SelectHealth Med is affordable and comprehensive, including three times more hospitals and providers than SelectHealth Value. Our most popular provider network, it reaches northern and southern Utah. For cancer treatment, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is participating. A swing-out option provides benefits at nonparticipating hospitals and providers for most services.

SelectHealth Care

SelectHealth Care is our largest provider network. An out-of-network option provides benefits at nonparticipating hospitals and providers for most services.

SelectHealth Idaho

The SelectHealth Network in Idaho gives members access to St. Luke’s nationally recognized hospitals, facilities, and physicians as well as the St. Luke’s Health Partners network. In Northern Idaho, your employees can also access First Choice Health providers and others in the MultiPlan networks of doctors and facilities. This network also provides access to many specialty hospitals in Utah, including Primary Children’s Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute for cancer treatment.

National Network

Self-funded (including level-funded) plans have access to providers nationwide through the MultiPlan and PHCS networks.