Applications won't be accepted with an effective date after August 1, 2024.

Idaho Enhanced Short-Term Plans

In-Network Virtual Visits for $0

See an in-network provider online whenever and wherever you need it with Intermountain Connect Care®. The best part? It’s $0 out-of-pocket costs per visit.

Get $200 Back for Being Active

With our Wellness Rewards Programs, you can get up to $200 per person, or $400 per family per calendar year for things like your gym membership or tracking 7,000+ steps a day.

Covered 100% Preventive care keeps you healthy.

That's why we cover 100% of most preventive care services.

Your New Plan—with More Flexibility

Enhanced Short-Term plans are a brand-new type of plan offered by Select Health—built and designed to help save you money. These health insurance plans are flexible, affordable, cover most major medical issues, and offer our most popular plan benefits.

Here are a few details:

Flexible terms. Plans are renewable up to three years, giving you choice in how long you keep your plan.

Available when you need them. Purchase anytime throughout the year—no need to wait until Open Enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period.


Basics still covered. Covers doctor’s services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, rehabilitative therapies, and more.

A sure thing. Plans are guaranteed issue and guaranteed renewal for up to three years.

Find the right doctor. With the Select Health Network, you’ll have access to more than 5,000 doctors and 65 facilities across Idaho.

Variable premiums. Depending on how healthy you are, your premiums may vary. For example: If you have a Pre-Existing Condition (PEC), it will be factored into your premium. There is a waiting period before we start coverage for services related to a PEC.

Enhanced Short-Term plans are a good fit for those who are:

  • Looking to purchase a plan outside of the Open Enrollment Period.
  • Not eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit or Cost-Sharing Reduction Plan through Your Health Idaho
  • In good health
  • Want peace of mind in case of injury or a health emergency
  • Seeking lower-cost alternatives 

Pre-Existing Conditions

A Pre-Existing Condition (PEC) is a condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was received from or recommended by a Provider during the six-month period prior to the effective date, or symptoms existed that would have caused a prudent person to seek care. 

On an Enhanced Short-Term Plan, there is a specific waiting period for PEC. However, the waiting period may vary depending on whether you had health insurance before enrolling on a short-term plan.

Some common pre-existing conditions are:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Pregnancy

Medically Underwritten

Unlike Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans, Enhanced Short-Term Plans are medically underwritten. That means Select Health will require you to disclose your entire medical history during the application process. Keep in mind, this process will never exclude you from enrolling on a plan, but it will be a factor in determining your premium and may result in a PEC waiting period for existing conditions. 


Idaho Network

Before you review the plan options below, take a minute to learn about our network. A network is a combination of doctors and facilities contracted with us to provide you with the care you need. When you see a doctor or go to a facility out-of-network, the price for care will likely be higher and you will be responsible to pay the bill.

In Idaho, the Select Health Network provides access to St. Luke’s nationally recognized hospitals, facilities, and physicians.

Idaho Select Health Network

The Select Health network in Idaho provides access to more than 5,000 providers and healthcare professionals, and 65 hospitals, surgery centers, and skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of Idaho.

Note: The above plans show in-network benefits only. Please view your contract for details on your out-of-network benefits.
*Certain limitations apply for inpatient and outpatient services