Shopping for a 2024 health plan?

Individual & Family and Small Employer Plans

If you choose an Individual & Family plan, or will get insurance through a Small Employer (employers with 50 or fewer eligible employees*), your formulary is RxCore. Most plans use the RxCore Five-tier (5T) formulary (the list of drugs covered by your health insurance). As tiers get higher, drugs typically cost more and your copays or coinsurance may increase. If you and your doctor find drugs on lower tiers that effectively treat your symptoms, you will usually pay less.

Use the links below to search for medications that will be covered when you enroll or renew your plan in 2024.


RxCore 5T



Standardized and Option Plans

In Utah and Colorado, state regulations require that some Individual & Family plans have a four-tier (4T) formulary option. In Utah, these plans are called Standardized Plans. In Colorado, they are called Option Plans. If you choose one of these plans for your 2024 coverage, links to your covered drug list are shown below.


RxCore 4T 


*How Small Employers are defined for health insurance purposes may vary slightly from state to state.