Routine Visits

Looking for a doctor? Use our provider search or call 855-442-9900 for help in finding one.

Your Network

A network is the group of providers, doctors, hospitals, and other clinicians who are part of your health insurance plan. To get the most from your benefits, see providers that participate on your network. Find out if a provider is on your network prior to your appointment. If you use providers that are not in your network, the plan may not pay for these services.

Your Primary Care Doctor

We encourage you to find a primary care provider. These doctors can help you:

• Manage your overall health
• Get preventive care

Urgent Care

Urgent conditions require care within 24 hours.

In Utah, visit an Intermountain InstaCare or participating urgent care clinic. If you plan to visit an Intermountain InstaCare, use our mobile app to find the shortest wait and get in line, online, ahead of time.

In Idaho and Nevada, visit any participating urgent care clinic.

Nurse Lines

A phone call could save you money and an emergency room visit. Instead of relying on the internet for self-diagnosis, pick up the phone and talk to a registered nurse. This free, 24/7 service is available to our members through Intermountain Health Answers and St. Luke’s nurse lines, which are staffed by registered nurses. Get help determining how and where to get the best care.

Intermountain Health Answers

St. Luke's Nurse Line

Intermountain Connect Care

Under the weather? We can help you get over it. Intermountain Connect Care is a fast, convenient way to talk to a provider about urgent medical issues. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect to a provider within minutes. Connect Care is covered at a $0 copay to Select Health Medicare members. The providers at Connect Care can help you with:

  • Bee stings and bug bites
  • Cough
  • Eye infection
  • Joint pain/strain
  • Lower back pain
  • Minor burns/rashes/skin infections
  • Sinus pain/pressure
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Sore throat
  • Urinary pain

How to use Connect Care

Note: Connect Care is not intended for treatment of emergency medical problems


If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital—we’ve got you covered.

Traveling and Vacation

If you are outside of Utah, Idaho, or Nevada and have an emergency or need urgent care, participating benefits apply to services received in a doctor’s office, urgent care facility, or emergency room.

Getting Care Outside of the U.S.

If you are outside of the country and need urgent or emergency care, visit the nearest doctor or hospital. You may need to pay for the
treatment up front and submit a claim for reimbursement. Call 855-442-9900 for details.