We've Got A New Look

Our new colors set us apart from the competition, making it easier for our customers to spot us in a crowded marketplace.

Select Health Logo


Health insurance made simple.


In an industry dominated by complicated language, hidden costs, and barriers to care, customers and providers alike want a simple, seamless healthcare experience.


Because healthcare is complicated, our goal is to make it simple.


Part of that journey is a brand-new look. Our new color palette will set us apart from the competition, while still providing a visible connection to our parent company, Intermountain Health.


Our logo has changed too. Our diamond represents excellence, while our stylized hands tell our customers that when they choose us, they’re choosing hands that will support and empower them at every step of their healthcare journey.


But we’ve set our sights beyond a simple re-brand. Our goal is to grow stronger. To reach new members, while providing seamless integration with our trusted providers. We want to spread our culture and our message throughout the healthcare industry.


Simple is our north star for getting there.


Want to know more?


Why are we changing?


We’ve looked at customer feedback, marketplace research, and how our competitors have positioned themselves in the marketplace, and that analysis has uncovered a niche that Select Health is well-positioned to occupy. That niche? Simplicity. Time and again, our customers have told us that healthcare is complicated, it is daunting, and it is frustrating. If we can position ourselves as the choice that offers a simple, seamless experience, we will stand out from our competitors.


What’s with the new colors?


Our new colors set us apart from the competition, making it easier for our customers to spot us in a crowded marketplace. These colors are also aligned with Intermountain Health, our parent company, providing a visual connection to our historic partnership when creating co-branded materials. Now, our customers will know at a glance who we are, and where we come from.


Why did you change your logo?


Select Health is known for excellence, a quality embodied by the diamond shape of our new logo, while its twin branches suggest supportive hands empowering our customers on their healthcare journeys.


Will the cost of the Select Health rebrand impact insurance premiums? Absolutely not.


Have feedback?


If you have thoughts for us, we’re all ears!

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