10 Exciting Ways to Use Your Select Health Medicare Flexible Benefits Card

With your Select Health Medicare Flexible Benefits card, you can access a wide array of valuable health care and wellness benefits at the locations you choose.


The Select Health Medicare Flexible Benefits card makes it easy to use the benefits included with your Select Health Medicare plan. The card is loaded with funds from three Select Health Medicare programs: Wellness Your Way, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and Healthy Living. To learn more about these programs, click here.

Now, let’s review 10 exciting ways you can use your Select Health Medicare Flexible Benefits card!

  1. Ski passes at resorts across the country: Your Wellness Your Way funds allow you to enjoy activities to help you live a healthier life, including day passes for hitting black diamond runs or cruising down the bunny hill.
  2. Ingredients and a food scale for that healthy recipe you want to try: Food items at your local grocery store can be purchased with your Heathy Living funds. You can also buy a food scale with your OTC funds.
  3. The new fitness tracker you’ve had your eye on: Want to start tracking your daily steps? You can use your OTC dollars to purchase a fitness tracker through Select Health.nationsBenefits.com. or you can use your earned Healthy Living funds to purchase the fitness tracker of your choice!
  4. Neon and cartoon-character bandages: OTC funds can be used for medical supplies— including those you may need for grandchildren or other little friends who visit.
  5. Your entrance fee at Zion National Park: Your Wellness Your Way Funds cover entrance fees for ALL national parks! It’s one more way to enjoy wellness your way.
  6. A bathroom scale and a blood pressure monitor: Use your OTC funds for tools to help you track important vitals to keep you in tip-top shape.
  7. Your membership at your local rec center and Pilates studio: You can use Wellness Your Way funds for multiple gym memberships. Now is the time to try that Zumba class or any other exercise class you’ve wanted to try!
  8. Golf greens at your favorite course: You can pay for golf greens close to home or even while on vacation with your Wellness Your Way benefit.
  9. Medical or prescription drug copays: Use your Healthy Living funds to pay for a variety of items including copays!
  10. Your upcoming Friday night bowling game: Wellness Your Way benefits can even be used to cover your Friday bowling adventures at your local bowling alley.

To learn even more about how you can use your Select Health Medicare Flexible Benefits Card, click here.

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