Top 10 Articles of 2022

From recipes and self-care to Select Health services, here are the articles that caught our readers’ attention in 2022.


Here is our countdown for the top ten articles of 2022:

10. Why Choose Select Health in Idaho?

Why choose Select Health for your health insurance needs in Idaho? Select Health is a non-profit company committed to providing affordable and innovative wellness solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. We focus on the aspects of healthcare that matter most to our customers, while working to improve our member experience. These are just a few of the important reasons why so many of our members choose to stay with us year over year.

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9. Quick Snacks Under 100 Calories

Watching your weight can be hard when the most convenient and appetizing snacks are packaged and processed foods like crackers, chips, and chocolate. But thankfully there are easy alternatives to satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings for something salty or sweet.

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8. 10-Minute Healthy Tuna Melt Sandwich

Using Greek yogurt inside the sandwich instead of mayonnaise and adding more veggies help make this a healthy sandwich option.

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7. The Differences between Medicaid and Medicare

Medicare and Medicaid are government programs providing healthcare coverage to certain populations. Here’s an overview of who can benefit from the programs and the main differences between the two.

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6. Slow-Cooker Mediterranean Diet Stew

Made for those following the Mediterranean Diet, this stew will warm you up during colder evenings.

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5. 7 Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Do you tend to gain weight around your middle? Try out these seven delicious foods to slim down and get healthier today.

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4. Prescription Benefits for Chronic Conditions

For our members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and COPD, the cost of prescriptions can put stress on a household budget. To help cut costs for our members with these chronic diseases, we have added a new benefit to our Individual and Small Employer Plans—both Traditional and HDHPs—starting in 2023. This new prescription benefit covers the cost of diabetes drugs, diabetes test strips, COPD drugs, and asthma drugs that are generic medications or at Tier 3 placement on the plan’s covered drug list, at a $0 copay/coinsurance.

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3. Air-Fryer Roasted Salmon with Sautéed Balsamic Spinach

Make dinner a breeze with this quick air-fryer recipe.

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2. 15 Interesting Facts About the Human Body Infographic

These facts may help you appreciate your body even more.

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1. Is Mouth Breathing Really That Bad?

The human body has two passageways that supply air to the lungs—the mouth and the nose. While most healthy people use both their mouth and nose to breathe, using only the mouth can cause a few health concerns.

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