Top 10 Articles of 2021

From fitness and exercise to healthy aging and self-care, here are the articles that caught the eyes of our readers.

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Here is our countdown for the top ten articles of 2021:

10. 7 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water

Grabbing a bottle of coconut water when you feel dehydrated can be just what the doctor ordered. Not only can it help boost hydration, but it can also benefit you in other ways—from better skin to healthier digestion. Here are several reasons why you should consider drinking more coconut water.

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9. 5 Interesting Things that Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

You may be wanting to eliminate sugar to help your weight loss journey, or even to just eat healthier. Either way, your whole body is positively affected when you remove this additive. Learn more about how eliminating sugar impacts your entire body.

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8. 10 Interesting Facts About the Human Mind That You May Not Know

The neurons in your brain produce enough electricity to power a low-wattage light bulb. So, the traditional saying of the “light-bulb” moment may have some scientific backing. What other fascinating things are there to learn about the human mind? Start with this compilation of ten facts.

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7. Health Benefits of Eating More Walnuts and Almonds

Walnuts and almonds are highly nutritious and packed with various vitamins like magnesium, calcium, and other key nutrients that improve your body's function. From eating them raw or sprinkling them on a salad, to adding them to a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt, these versatile nuts can help you balance your diet. Learn more about why these nuts should be centerpieces of your daily diet.

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6. Is Your Laundry Detergent Causing That Skin Rash?

The causes of a skin rash can be hard to pin down. One common irritant is laundry detergent due to its formulation, fragrances, and added dyes. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions in the form of blisters and bumps on the skin and increased redness. If you’re worried your detergent is the culprit of your itchy, red skin, learn more about how to calm the area and two easy recipes for DIY detergent.

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5. Tips to Help You Prepare for Open Enrollment

The annual Open Enrollment period can be stressful. It can be difficult to determine whether to stick to your current health plan or switch. No matter how many Open Enrollment periods you’ve participated in, it’s important you’re prepared, so you can select the right health plan that meets your needs. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for Open Enrollment.

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4. Feeling Bored? Here Are 10 Things to Do Instead of Eat

Mindlessly eating is an easy way to overcome boredom. While it may keep you engaged, it’s a bad habit that can jeopardize your health and lead to issues like obesity, joint and mobility problems, and diabetes to name a few. Sometimes it can be hard to find other things to do to curb the temptation to snack when bored. Look no further than this list of ten things to do instead of eating.

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3. 5 Ways to Rest and Refresh Your Brain

Your brain works constantly—even when you sleep. Just like your body, your brain needs downtime to rest and refresh, especially if you’re starting to feel the symptoms of burnout, which can lead to brain fog and trouble with memory and recall. What can you do to help give your brain the rest it needs? Take a look at this list of five things you can try when your brain needs a time-out.

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2. 5 Surprising Benefits of Being Organized

Raise your hand if organizing a space has been on your to-do list for a while. Well, you’re not alone. Besides being a fire hazard, disorganization can increase stress and even depression while creating a perfect atmosphere for dust and mold. Organizing—and more importantly, staying that way—can sometimes be difficult, but it does have many benefits that you may not know about. Learn about several surprising benefits of staying organized.

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1. 7 Surprising Benefits of Laughing

How many times have you laughed today? This last week? What about this past month? Laughter may just be the “best medicine.” If you’re struggling to find reasons to laugh, take a look at this list of benefits and start looking for moments that will bring not only a smile to your face but the laughter you need.

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