Stay in the Know with the Select Health Mobile App

The Select Health mobile app is a great resource for on-demand information about your health plan.

Young happy women checking the Select Health mobile app.

Available in the App Store or Google Play, the Select Health mobile app has all the information you need, including these popular features:

  • Health plan usage: See how much you’ve paid toward your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum
  • Medical cost estimator: Find out how much a service or a procedure will cost beforehand
  • Claims: View and see the statuses of all your medical, dental, and pharmacy claims
  • Premium payments: Make payments if you’re on an Individual plan
  • Plan details: See who’s on your plan and find other profile information
  • ID cards: View, email, or download your ID card from your phone

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  • Find care: Search for providers or facilities, including urgent care locations

Download the Select Health app to your smart phone—just one of the many tools available to Select Health members.

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