Idaho Hiking

Spring and summer are the perfect time to take advantage of warm weather and longer nights by going for a hike.

Take advantage of the warm weather and long summer nights by going for a hike. Getting out in the great outdoors can be therapeutic, and everyone can benefit from some exercise and fresh air. Don't forget to read our list of Safety Tips to consider before heading out.

Good Hikes in Utah and IdahoSuper Easy: Balanced Rock

Looking for an easy hike with a great reward? Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon is the place to visit. Wander your way to the base of Balanced Rock from the road and enjoy a nice secluded picnic with a giant rock towering overhead on a narrow precipice.


Easy: Fourth of July Lake

Even though the Fourth of July may be over, Fourth of July Lake makes a great place to visit. Less than three miles round trip, you can easily access this glittering lake and enjoy the surrounding beauty and towering mountain peaks.


Moderate/Difficult: Palisades Creek

Because of the length of this hike, it can be accomplished as a long day hike or an overnighter, depending on your speed as you wind your way up along the creek soaking up the stunning 360 degree views. Be sure you plan in advance how long you think you will be and be sure to let someone know when you will return.

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