Medicare updates

2024 Medicare recertification – product training

Our product training is now underway. Select Health will accept both AHIP and NABIP (formerly NAHU) for certification. The Select Health product training module is now available, and details are listed below.

This module must be completed by all Medicare-appointed agents to be considered ready to sell for 2024.

  • Both AHIP and NAHU certification are accepted and approved for Select Health.
  • When beginning your certification with either of these organizations, choose to electronically submit your results to Select Health. By doing this, your score/completion will be sent directly to Select Health. There is no need to submit your certificate. You can log back in to either site to request the results be sent.
  • Please remember that you must complete one of these certifications prior to completing our product certification.

Product training must be completed by December 31, 2023, to be ready to sell 2024 plans January 1.

  • Remember, agents must be licensed, appointed, and certified with 2023 AHIP or NAHU certification training prior to completing our product training module. Contact for appointment.
  • To access the product certification through our agent portal, Link, follow these steps:
    • On the main landing page, hover over the Medicare tab.
    • Choose 2024 Medicare Product Training to begin the module.
    • At the end of the module, be sure to print and save your completion certificate for your records. You do not need to submit it following completion.
    • Be certain to follow directions while completing the module to ensure your training and exam are recorded.

Not appointed? Please contact the Agent Experience team at 800-442-5306, option 3.

2024 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) kits and events are coming!


We’re excited to share our new 2024 plan materials with you! Your 2024 Medicare AEP kit will arrive in late September. If you need to update your address, please do so as soon as possible by sending an email with your updated address to

All Select Health Medicare agents will receive one kit containing state-specific Enrollment Guides, Benefits at a Glance, Enrollment Forms, Pharmacy/Provider/Dental Directories, the Formulary, Star-rating sheets, and additional sales materials. Agents outside of Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah will need to request a kit through Link. Additional materials will also be available to order on Link late September. Contact your account executive with questions.


Medicare AEP events are scheduled for September. If you have not signed up to attend an event in your area, please contact your sales account executive.

On-demand webinars

Did you miss the live agent webinars on Select Health’s Member Advocates or Papa benefit? No need to worry! Watch our webinars on-demand.

Recorded webinars

Don’t forget about our agent expense reimbursement program!

Our program covers allowable services, administrative expenses, and benefits enrollment through December 1, 2023.


After enrolling five new policies, agents receive $500 in marketing support, with an additional $100 in support for each subsequent enrollment.

As a reminder, with Select Health’s 2023 HMO five-star rated plan, Medicare members may switch from their current Medicare coverage until November 30, 2023.

Questions? Contact your account executive.

This program is in accordance with current Third-Party Marketing Organization (TMO) rules established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Medicare Managed Care Manual (MMCM).

Scope of Appointment

The 2024 CMS Final Rule has brought some renewed focus to the Scope of Appointment (SOA) form. Below is a review of the current regulations.

1. Prohibiting the distribution of SOA forms at educational events.

Medicare wants to distinguish between marketing and educational events by limiting the types of information that agents can obtain. The intent of educational events is to provide general Medicare information to prospective enrollees, while the purpose of marketing events is to encourage potential enrollees to choose a specific plan.

The final rule prevents SOAs from being collected at educational events. However, agents are allowed to obtain prospective enrollee contact information via Business Reply Cards (BRCs).

2. Requiring 48 hours between the SOA and a meeting with a beneficiary.

Medicare now requires there to be at least 48 hours between the initiation of a SOA and the meeting with the agent. There are two exceptions to the 48-hour rule:

A) When the request for appointment is within four days of the end of a valid election period: AEP, OEP, SEP, ICEP.

B) When a beneficiary initiates an in-person meeting.

To address the above changes, Select Health has updated our Scope of Appointment (SOA) form. The section that stated: ‘agent, if this form was signed by the beneficiary at the time of the appointment, provide an explanation below of why the SOA was not documented prior to the meeting’ has been removed.

The updated SOA form reads:

CMS requires a period of 48 hours between the initiation of a SOA and the meeting with the agent.

There are two exceptions to the 48-hour rule:

A) When the request for appointment is within four days of the end of a valid election period: AEP, OEP, SEP, ICEP

B) When a beneficiary initiates an in-person meeting.

The new Scope of Appointment form is available on Link and approved for immediate use for all Select Health Medicare plans. (ID number is Y0165_2746878_C).

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