General updates

Colorado appointment and sales support

Select Health is preparing to offer Individual and Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado beginning in 2024! Agents interested in becoming appointed should contact the Agent Experience team at 800-442-5306, option 3.

Secure email update

We will be updating our secure email system to Proofpoint. When Select Health sends a message to your business email that includes Protected Health Information (PHI)—outside of Select Health Link—you will be prompted to create a new Proofpoint account. If you need support, please contact our help desk at 801-442-7979, option 2.

Health & Wellness preventive screenings

Certain routine cancer screenings are covered under the preventive care benefit:

  • Breast cancer screenings – Routine mammogram screenings are covered for women and can be performed once every 275 days.
  • Colorectal cancer screenings – We encourage members to have colorectal cancer screenings after age 45. Cologuard screenings are covered once every three years. Colonoscopy screenings are covered once every five years.
  • Cervical cancer screenings – We encourage members to have pap smear screenings once every two and a half years for women aged 21 and older.

Some factors such as pre-existing conditions, family health history, and previous cancer concerns may necessitate more regular screenings, but we encourage members to work closely with their provider for their individual circumstances.

If your clients need help scheduling these screenings, or if you have any questions regarding these benefits, call Member Services at 800-538-5038.

Health & Wellness digital experience

Intermountain Patient Portal is an Intermountain Health digital tool (online and mobile app) where patients and Select Health members can:

  • Book appointments online – Utah only
  • Message providers – Utah only
  • Manage family appointments/accounts – Utah only
  • Launch an online visit with their provider or Intermountain Connect Care
  • Check symptoms and get advice on next steps o Access health records
  • Pay bills in one place
  • View, email, or print test results – Utah only
  • Manage prescriptions

Encourage your clients to use Intermountain Patient Portal